Art Packing Service for Galleries, Museums & Auction Houses

Precious Art Deserves Superior Packing

Express Crates specialises in packing art, statues, canvas pictures and fragile items of a variety of shapes and sizes, for Art Galleries, Museums, Auction Houses, artists and residents based here in Sydney.

When using our art packing service, we can come to you and pick up your art or you can drop off your art with us here in Belrose, Sydney. Once we have your art, we will design and create the ideal packaging to keep your art safe and secure.

At the moment, we only offer our art packing service to locations in the Sydney area.

We have had plenty of experience with packing many obscure items and we are sure we can assist you with any challenge you may have packing your fragile items.

We can customise the design of the art crate / box to suit your requirements, whether it be a valuable painting, small or large sculptures, museum pieces, or delicate / intricate art.

We use plywood and MDF wood, which is ISPM 15 compliant. This means that you don’t need fumigation certificates, which avoids issues when dealing with customs.

Depending on the size, shape and weight of your artwork, extras such as handles, tie-down points, poly foam, polystyrene, wheels or blocks may be needed for safety. We will advise when these extra options are necessary.

Also, for the purpose of branding your business, we can add a custom stencil of your business logo or engrave your business logo onto your art box / crate to give you that professional look.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing your artwork or statue is safe and secure in our uniquely designed super strong crates.


review for Express Crates art packing service

Here’s what one of our many happy customers has to say…

"We had to urgently pack artwork sold by Saatchi Art for a buyer in the USA, the proceeds to be donated to The Australian Lithuanian Community Publishing Society.

Express Crates offered the perfect solution, they designed the unique crate for our artwork, which held the canvas securely, and it arrived safe and sound in the USA, great job, many thanks."



To get the best online price we can offer, talk to our friendly staff, who can give you an online quote for the complete art packing service, specific to your needs.

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