Slat / Open / Skeleton Crates


Why use slat crates? One of the biggest problems with storing items in a warehouse is that after a long period of time you forget what was packed inside the crates.

With normal crates that are screwed together, it's usually a case of unscrewing the crate with a screw gun and then rummaging through the contents of the crate to see what's inside and this can take up a lot of time and effort.

With a Slat crate, Open or Skeleton Crate, all you have to do is clip the crate together, using our easy clip system - no tools required other than the 'easy clip removal tool' (we supply you with) or a flat head screwdriver.

When the crate is assembled and your items are within the crate, you can then wrap the skeleton crate with plastic wrap.

Once wrapped the crate can be stored away and the contents within the crate can be seen at a glance, this saves a lot of time searching for items and rummaging through crates.

We can custom build your Slat Crate to the dimensions that you require.

We recommend you give us a call on: 0410 798 395 and speak to our friendly staff who can answer any questions you may have or you can send us an email.